About Us

SwapMeetParts, DCB Auto Parts, LLC is a family owned and operated  company based in Ocean County, New Jersey.  We have over 15 years’ experience in the automotive parts “aftermarket” industry.  With the longevity of our business, we are able to provide premium parts and bargain pricing.

Thanks to our hard work and focus on family, we have been fortunate enough to have experienced steady growth over the past several years.  We have 8-10 employees, only one of whom is not directly related to us, although she could be!   Our family goes to the Swap-Meets and hand packs and  ships all your orders.  When you purchase from us, know that you are supporting a proud and grateful American “family”.

Customer service is a top priority at SwapMeetParts, DCB Auto Parts, LLC.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the relationships we develop with our clientele.  With SwapMeetParts, DCB Auto Parts, LLC, you will always be treated as if you are part of our  “family”!