12 Circuit EZ Wiring Harness CHEVY Mopar FORD Hotrods UNIVERSAL X-long Wires!!


Part Number: 12 COLOR WIRE

The EZ 12 pre-wired fuse
block is the perfect solution for those project that are not using alot of additonal electric/power options.  It features 12 fuses and 12 circuits.  The wires are
very long and can be used on almost all vehicles.  We had a customer used this on an ambulance
and had plenty of length.  These EZ wiring
kits use GXL 125 high temp cross linked polyethylene jacketed wire that is
grease, oil, gas, and acid resistant.
All wires are labeled every 5 inches so installation is EZ.  In addition, the labeling every 5 inches
makes check circuits EZ.  These kits are
Universal and come with detail instructions and have specific pages for GM,
Ford and Mopar installations (see photos above). To make installation even
easier, the wires are GM color coded!!  We have been selling these EZ wire kits at Car Shows and
automotive Swap Meets for over a decade!! A popular question we get at the car
shows/swap is “Are the GM column connectors included?” And the answer in “YES,
the GM column connectors are included”.   The EZ wiring kit includes fuses for turn signal, Headlight, ACC, Radio, Brake, Fan, Wiper, Hazard, Gauges, AC/Heat, Coil & Horn. It also Includes Horn Relay and Connector, Turn and Hazard
Signals, Dimmer Switch Connector, Circuit Breaker for Headlights, 2 Flashers, 1
Alternator Plug, 2 Ignition Switch Connectors Plus more.

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