15" Billet Steering Wheel-Euro Wood Half Wrap, VW Adapter & VW Horn Button


Part Number: 2002-VW Horn-E08

New 15” Real Mahogany Steering Wheel with Rivets, VW Horn Button and VW Billet Adapter!!  

This is a complete kit that includes the steering wheel, horn button, adapter, hardware and instructions.

Horn Button is also available with Ford, “SS”, Mustang, Jeep, GMC & VW logos. Horn button is also available without a logo at a $10 savings.

*****When ordering, please include the adapter # that you need from the list below.

Please note:  Adapter is approximately 2″, of which one 1″ sits flush with the steering column.


Aftermarket Steering Columns 

  (including standard Flaming River/Ididit using late model GM/Chevy splines) A01
  Flaming River using Ford Splines B02


American Motors

70-88 All Models (excl. Alliance/Encore) A01
67-69 Javelin, AMX A08
69 Ambassador, American, Rebel A08
67-68 Ambassador, American, Rebel A02



69-93 All Models w/ non telescopic column A01
67-68 All Models A02
64-66 All Models A05
61-63 Special, Skylark A04



69-89 All Models w/ non telescopic column A01


Chevrolet (Cars excluding Corvette)

69-94 All Models (excl. Corvette, Sprint, Spectrum, 86-88 Nova) A01
86-88 Nova E03
85-88 Sprint E02
68 Camaro A08
67  Camaro A02
67-68 Chevelle, El Camino A02
66 Chevelle, El Camino A05
64-65 Chevelle, El Camino A06
67-69 Corvair A02
60-63  Corvair A04
67-68 Chevy II, Nova A02
64-66 Chevy II, Nova A05
62-63 Chevy II, Nova A02
67-68 Chevy Full Size A02
65-66 Chevy Full Size (tilt column) A08
64-66 Chevy Full Size (non-tilt) A05
57-63 Chevy Full Size A02
55-56 Chevy Full Size A07
53-54 Chevy-most models A09
49-52 Chevy-most models A10


Corvette (non telescopic column only)

68-82 Non telescopic A08
67 Non telescopic A02
56-62 Non telescopic A09


Chevrolet/GMC (Trucks and Vans) 

74-94 All Truck Models A01
70-73 All Truck Models (excl. below) A03
60-69 All Truck Models (excl. below) A02
48-59 All Pick Ups A06
68-88 El Camino-Sprint, Caballero A01
67-68 El Camino-Sprint A02
81-82 LUV Truck E01*
72-80 LUV Truck A11*
76-81 Chevy/GMC Van (w/ tilt column) A13
76-81 Chevy/GMC Van (w/non tilt) A12
70-75 Chevy/GMC Van A03
68-69 Chevy/GMC Van A02


Chrysler Corp (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth)

Domestic  Cars

78-89 Standard Column – Omni, Horizon, Rampage, Daytona, Shelby Charger, Shadow, Sundance C04
88-89 Standard Column –all excl. above C08
70-87 Standard Column – all excl. above C03
82-89 Tilt Column –all models C09
78-81 Tilt Column –all models A01
70-74 Plymouth Barracuda, Dodge Challenger  C07
68-72 Standard Column Chrysler – Most models C02
68-69 Coronet, Dart, Roadrunner, Charger, Valiant, Fury, Barracuda C02
67 All models C06
61-66 Most models C01


Chrysler Corp (Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth)

Domestic (Trucks and Vans)

88-92 Standard Column 2/4WD pick-up, Trailerduster, Ram Charger, Dakota, Van, Caravan, Voyager (excl. 92-on Dakota and 91-92 w/diesel) C08
70-87 Standard Column Dodge/Plymouth 2WD C03
74-87 Standard Column Dodge/Plymouth 4WD pick-up, Trail Duster, Ram Charger, Dakota C05
92 Tilt Column 2/4WD Pick-up, Ram Charger (except 92-on Dakota) C08
82-91 Tilt Column 2/4WD Pick-up, Trailer Duster, Dakota, Van, Caravan, Voyager (excl. ’91 w/diesel) C09
79-81 Tilt Column 2/4WD Pick-up, Trail Duster, Ram Charger, Van A01
78-87 Standard Column Vans (incl. Caravan, Voyager) C03
65-77 All Vans C04
85-onward Dodger D50 Pick-up, Raider C11
79-84 Dodge D50 Pick up C10


Ford/Lincoln/Mercury (Cars)

88-92 Probe, Festiva E04
88-90 Tracer E04
89-91 All other models (excl. above – no coverage for: Taurus/Sable 1987-on Tbird/Cougar 1989-on) B04
84-88 All Models (excl. Probe, Festiva/Tracer) B04
83 All Models B05
78-82 All Models w/ horn on turn signal level (excl. Fiesta) B11
78-80 All Models w/ horn on steering wheel (excl. Fiesta) B02
70-77 All Models (exl. Capri and Pantera) B02
65-69 Ford Fairline,  Mustang B01
65-70 Falcon, Comet, Ranchero, Mercury B01
65-69 All Mercury B01
67-69 Galaxie, LTD B01
64-69 Thunderbird B01
63.5-64 Falcon, Comet, Mustang with generator B03
63.5-64 Galaxie, Fairline B12
61-63 Thunderbird B12
58-60 Thunderbird B16
58-63.5 All Ford (excl. T-Bird,Falcon,Comet) B09
58-63.5 Falcon, Comet B07
55-57 Thunderbird B15
57 All Mercury B07
55-56 All Mercury B09
49-56 Ford – Most Models B08
40-48 Ford B17
29-32 Ford B17


Ford (Trucks/Vans)

78-91 Pick-up – Full size B02
70-77 Pick-up – Full size B03
69 Pick-up B02
68 Pick-up B03
67 Pick-up B01
65-66 Pick-up (excl. Econoline) B03
61-64 Pick-up (excl. Econoline) B07
58-60 Pick-up B06
49-57 Pick-up B18
91-94 Explorer B14*
78-91 Bronco Full-size B02
75-77 Bronco B03
67-74 Bronco B01
89-94 Ranger(midsize), Bronco II, Aerostar B14
85-88 Ranger(midsize), Bronco II, Aerostar B04
82-84 Ranger(midsize), Bronco II B05*
78-91 Van-Full-size B02
75-77 Van-Full-size B03
67-74 Van-Full-size B10
70-79 Ranchero B02
65-69 Ranchero B01
72-82 Courier Pick-up B13*



73-91 All Models (exc. 4WS Prelude) E05



76-95 CJ5,CJ6,CJ7,Wrangler,Cherokee,Wagoneer,Pick-up,Scrambler,Commanche A01
76-86 Models w/ optional OEM wheel A02
74-75 Cherokee, Wagoneer, Pick-up A01
72-73 Commando, Wagoneer, Pick-up D02
63-72 Gladiator, Jeepster D02
67-75 CJ5,CJ6 D03
64-66 CJ Models D01
55-63 CJ Models D03
46-48 CJ Models D01



69-93 All (excl. telescopic column) A01
68 All A08
67 All A02
65-66 All (tilt column) A08
64-66 All (standard column) A05
61-63 Cutlass A04*
49-63 All models (excl. Cutlass) A02




69-93 All (excl. 88-on LeMans) A01
67-68 All A02
65-66 All (tilt column) A08
64-66 All (excl. GTO) A05
64-66 GTO A06
61-63 GTO, Tempest, LeMans A04*
49-63 All (excl. above) A02



63-65 Avanti B12
57-68 All Models (excl. below) D01
57-68 Hawk/Lark B15*



89-92 All (excl. 89 MR2) E06
85-89 MR2 E03
88-92 Camry, Corolla E06
86-92 Celica, Supra E06
76-88 All (excl. above) E03
89-94 All Pick-ups E06
79-88 All Pick-ups E03
89-90 Van Wagon E06
84-88 Van Wagon E03
76-88 Landcruiser E03





89-93 Fox E07
80-88 Pick-up, Bus (excl. 79-prior, no coverage) E07
74-88 All (excl. 75.5-77 Dasher, 74 Super Beetle) E07
60-73 All Models  E08


Golf Cart/UTV

ALL EZGo, Bombardier, GEM, Arctic Cat Prowler ET
79-Onwards Yamaha, Rhino YT
Thru 82 Harley Davidson Columbia Par Car ET
Thru 83 Club Car (excl. Precedent) ET
84-Onwards Club Car (excl. Precedent) CT
ALL Precedent PT
98-Onwards Polaris Ranger ET
08-Onwards Polaris RZR ET
05-Onwards Tomberlin Emerge/Anvil ET


 All w/  ¾” Taper Shaft  w/ Keyway F27



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