BUICK 1967-1976 350-400-430-455 BLACK 8mm HEI HI-PERFMANCE SPARK PLUG WIRES USA – 614K


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8mm BLACK High Performance Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires!!
1967-1976 BUICK 350, 400, 430 & 455 with HEI (male tower) distributor.  (See Below for complete application listing)With only 270 ohms per foot, these high performance wires are an industry leader!! The less ohms, the less resistance!! MADE IN THE USA!!
These wires will NOT work on a vehicle with a points style (old style/female) distributor cap. These wires are already factory assembled for these engine sizes so you DO NOT cut and crimp on the distributor ends. (if you are looking for the wires that you cut and crimp on the distributor ends, I do have them. Call Dan at 201-456-0391 or check out my other listings). This listing is for a set of 8 wires. It does not include a coil wire, so if you are using a small cap HEI/Ready to Run distributor with an external coil, you will also need a coil wire. I do have those coil wires available for $5 more. Please contact Dan at 201-456-0391 or check my other Ebay listings.

PACKARD WIRE 8mm  Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires have a resistance of only 270 Ohms per foot.
Fits the following applications for male cap (HEI) only:

MakeYearModelEngineAMC1967-1969All Models290, 343AMC1970-1974All Models304, 360, 401AMC1975-1976Gremlin5.0L 304AMC1975-1976Hornet5.0L 304AMC1975-1976Matador5.0L 304AMC1975-1976Matador5.9L 360AMC1975-1976Matador6.6L 401Buick1959-1967All Models, Nail Head400, 401, 425Buick1967-1974All Models, Exc. GS400, 430, 455Buick1968-1974All Models350Cadillac1949-1955All Models331Cadillac1956-1963All Models365, 390Cadillac1964-1967All Models429Cadillac1968-1974All Models472, 500Chevrolet1965-1969Corvette  w/Non-braided oem spark leads396, 427Chevrolet1966-1969All Models427Chevrolet1965-1970All Models396Chevrolet1970-1972All Models402 Big BlockChevrolet1970-1974All Models454Chevrolet1966-1975All 40-80 Series & Chassis366, 427Chevrolet Truck1968-1970All Models396Chevrolet Truck1971-1972All Models402 Big BlockChevrolet Truck1966-1975All Models366Chevrolet Truck1968-1975All Models427Chevrolet Truck1971-1975All Models454GMC1968-1970All Models396GMC1971-1972All Models402 Big BlockGMC1966-1975All Models366GMC1968-1975All Models427GMC1971-1975All Models454GMC1966-1975All 40-80 Series & Chassis366, 427Jeep1976CJ-7304Jeep1968-1971All Models, w/Buick V8 Engine350Jeep1971-1974All Models304, 360, 401Jeep1975-1976Cherokee360Jeep1975-1976Cherokee401Jeep1975-1976CJ-5304Jeep1975-1976CJ-6304Jeep1975-1976J-10, 20 Pickup360Jeep1975-1976J-10, 20 Pickup401Jeep1975-1976Wagoneer360Jeep1975-1976Wagoneer401Pontiac1955-1956All Models287, 316Pontiac1957-1958All Models347, 370Pontiac1959-1966All Models389Pontiac1963-1967All Models326Pontiac1962-1969All Models421, 428Pontiac1967-1974All Models400Pontiac1968-1974All Models350Pontiac1970-1974All Models455

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