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PERFORMANCE DISTRIBUTOR FOR 1987-1992 CHEVY CAMARO & 1989-1993 CHEVY CAPRICE with 5.0L/305, 5.7L/350 EFI/TPI/TBI and 8mm HI-PERFORMANCE SPIRAL CORE SPARK PLUG WIRES that are made in the USA!!Chevy V8 Late Model HEI,Red Cap-Designed and tuned to meet and exceed stock performance-Maintenance free magnetic pickup for late model Small Block
Chevy EFI V8 engines-(most commonly used in 1987-’93 cars & 1987-’95 trucks)
-3 YEAR WARRANTYPACKARD WIRE CO.FOR OVER 100 YEARS, MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!8mm High Performance BLACK Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires for 1987-1992 CHEVY CAMARO & 1989-1993 CHEVY CAPRICE 5.0L 305 & 5.7L 350!Fits:1987-1992 Chevy Camaro with Tune Port Injection 5.0L 3051988-1992 Chevy Camaro Tune Port Injection 5.7L 3501988-1992 Chevy Camaro Throttle Body Injection 5.0L 3051989-1993 Chevy Carpice 5.0L 305 & 5.7L 350See below for complete application listing. With only 270 ohms per foot, these high performance wires are an industry leader!! The less ohms, the less resistance!! MADE IN THE USA!!These wires will NOT work on a vehicle with a NON-HEI (female/points style) distributor cap. These wires are already factory assembled for these engine sizes so you DO NOT cut and crimp on the distributor ends. This listing is for a set of 8 spark plug wires and 1 coil wire that is need for some applications.PACKARD WIRE 8mm  Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires have a resistance of only 270 Ohms per foot.Fits the following applications using a male distributor cap:MakeYearModelEngineBuick1991Roadmaster5.0L 305Buick1992-1993Roadmaster5.7L 350Cadillac1990-1993Fleetwood Brougham, RWD5.7L 350Cadillac1991-1993Fleetwood Brougham, RWD5.0L 305Chevrolet1987Camaro5.0L 305Chevrolet1987Camaro, TPI w/Remote Coil Distributor5.7L 350Chevrolet1987Impala5.7L 350Chevrolet1987-1992Camaro, Tune Port Injection5.0L 305Chevrolet1988-1992Camaro, Throttle Body Injection5.0L 305Chevrolet1988-1992Camaro, Tune Port Injection5.7L 350Chevrolet1989-1993Caprice5.0L 305Chevrolet1989-1993Caprice5.7L 350Oldsmobile1992Custom Cruiser Wagon  w/Throttle Body Injection5.7L 350Oldsmobile1991-1992Custom Cruiser Wagon  w/Throttle Body Injection5.0L 305Pontiac1987Firebird5.0L 305Pontiac1987Firebird, TPI w/Remote Coil Distributor5.7L 350Pontiac1987-1992Firebird, Tune Port Injection5.0L 305Pontiac1988-1992Firebird, Throttle Body Injection5.0L 305Pontiac1988-1992Firebird, Tune Port Injection5.7L 350Please only order if you application is listed above.

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