CHEVY CAPRICE IMPALA 1994-1995-1996 LT1 5.7L 350 HI-PERF OPTISPARK Distributor


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1994-1995-1996 CHEVY CAPRICE AND CHEVY IMPALA 5.7L 350 LT1 OPTISPARK DISTRIBUTOR!!1994-1995-1996 CHEVY CAPRICE 5.7L 350 LT11994-1995-1996 CHEVY IMPALA 5.7L 350 LT1
This listing includes a brand new LT1 / LT4 HI-PERFORMANCE Opti-spark distributor.  This distributor is complete with cap and rotor.  3 Year Warranty.  (At the bottom, there is an application listing for this distributor).  To get a package deal with this same distributor and a set of Hi-Performance USA made 8mm Spiral Core Spark plug wires, check ebay item #N/A (red wires), ebay item # N/A (black wires) or ebay item # N/A (blue wires)  
The above distributor will work on the following:

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