Part Number: 6601BK-6929BK-2041BK-CW


Brand New Small Block / Big Block Chevy Small Cap PRO-BILLET Distributor made by TOP STREET PERFORMANCE.  The mechanical weights and springs are setup for optimal performance. Most engines with medium to serious cams do not benefit from, need, or desire a vacuum advance. This type of distributor is intended for use with a cdi type box (included) as well as an external coil (included).  TSP Pro Billet distributors can be used with any brand cdi box and has a universal butt connector for easy plug and play.


This distributor features:

  • Maintenance free magnetic pickup
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Sintered bushing
  • Hardened steel shaft
  • Tuned for optimal performance for Chevy Small Block Engines

This distributor requires an 6AL CDI Ignition Box (included)and external 12 volt coil for electronic ignition (included). Distributor works on Small Block Chevy 265, 283,302, 305, 307, 327, 350 and 400.    I have the distributor in Red, Blue or Black and the coils in Red, Blue or Black.  If you do not see the color combination you want, contact us.  I also have this same electronic distributor with a female (point’s style) cap.  It has the classic “Points style” look, but is completely electronic.  The female cap style distributor and wires are both available in Red, Blue or Black.


**PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR and it is included. Coil needs to be 12V and have an output of 50,000 volts or more. If you do not need a coil, please see our other items that do not include the coil with the distributor.  This distributor comes with instructions and a 3 year warranty. Check out my feedback and buy with confidence.

The TOP STREET PERFORMANCE (TSP) Ignitions are the most popular aftermarket ignition in the world due to the race proven performance on and off the track. The increased voltage that the 6AL unit puts across the plug gap will improve the drivability and performance of everyday drivers to Saturday night racers! The 6AL Ignition can be installed on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines equipped with a 12 volt, negative ground electrical system and a distributor.

TSP  6AL uses capacitive discharge (CD) technology to produce a very high primary voltage. This high voltage is always present regardless if you’re at idle or racing down a straight away at 10,000 rpm. The high quality transformer is hand wound and instantly steps up the supply voltage from the battery then stores this high voltage in a large capacitor. When the ignition is triggered the capacitor releases all of this voltage to the coil so the primary voltage is at full power at any rpm. These high powered sparks ensure complete combustion of the fuel mixture at racing rpm which in turn produces more power!

TSP 6AL Ignitions produce multiple sparks up to at least 3,000 rpm. This series of sparks (each spark is at full voltage), whether there are two or six, will always last for 20° of crankshaft rotation. This powerful series will improve the starting ability, idle quality & throttle response. If you have a multiple carb set up that is a little off at idle or an engine that burns a little oil, the spark series will help prevent the cylinders loading up. At higher rpm there isn’t enough time to fire the plug more than once during the combustion stroke so there is only a single full power spark. With the TSP 6AL CD technology, this spark is always at full power even through 10,000 rpm so you know the fuel mixture is being burned efficiently, creating maximum power!  The 6AL box also comes with a 3 year warranty!!

TSP 6AL Soft Touch circuitry produces an accurate and smooth limit without loading up the cylinders or excessive back fires. Even if your car is a mild street machine, a rev limiter can save you from expensive engine damage due to driveline failure or a missed shift.

This 6AL box has 2 Rev Limiters (1 dial & 1 pills).

This also includes a New BLACK 12 Volt coil that puts out 50,000 volts. This is a perfect coil to run with this electronic distributor. The coil also comes with a 3 year warranty.

A Coil Wire is also included.


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