CHRYSLER 413, 426, 440 BLACK Ready-To-Run Small Cap HEI Distributor & 50k V Coil


Part Number: 6714BK-2041BK


Brand New Big Block CHRYSLER 413, 426 & 440 Small Cap HEI Distributor.  This distributor is also known as a Ready-To-Run distributor.  Distributor cap is BLACK.  This will work on 1959 & UP Chrysler 413, 426 & 440 that are carburated.

DISTRIBUTOR comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY.  This distributor requires an external 12 volt coil for electronic ignition and it is included.  We also have this same electronic distributor with a female (points style) cap.

**PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR and it is included. Coil needs to be 12V and have an output of 45,000 volts or more. If you do need a coil, please contact us. This Small Cap HEI Ready-To-Run distributor is made for easy installation. Just hook up the two wires and you are “Ready to Run”.  This distributor comes with easy instructions and a 3 year warranty.

**This distributor will only work on carbureted engines.  Will not work with Electric Fuel Injection (EFI).

Distributor Features:

-Small Cap allows for easy fire wall clearance, especially for Pre-1975 that do may not have the room for a large size HEI.

-OEM appearance (also available with male cap)

-Unit is fully CNC machined.

-Fully self-contained distributor with built in Module. Only requires 12 volt External coil for electronic ignition (Typical points coil will not work). No Ballast Resistor is required.

-Easy two wire Hookup (wires included)

-Same as late GM HEI’s except you run an external coil instead of In-cap coil.

-Eliminates the need for all the extra wiring and ballast resistor.

-Major improvement in starting and performance over points

-Built-in GM style module (not made by GM)

-Spark plug gap can run from around 45-50 instead of 35 if you run points.

-Same size as the original points distributors and is fully electronic.

– Much better fuel mileage

– Far less pollution, as the fuel is burned much better

– Faster start up, especially in cold weather

– Those with carburetors prone to flooding will notice a huge difference, as the spark on electronic ignition is many times stronger than point style ignition.

– Virtually no maintenance, compared to points

– Spark plug life is 3-5 times longer, as well as plug wires

– Much better performance, over points, mostly due to the better combustion of unleaded fuel, as this was the primary reason for the development of electronic ignition.

– Point dwell changes as points wear out, causing your timing to advance dramatically. This brings your engine much closer to detonation, not to mention hard starting, and poor performance.

– Over all engine life is much longer with electronic ignition over points.

This also includes a New BLACK 12 Volt coil that puts out 50,000 volts. This is a perfect coil to run with this electronic distributor. The coil also comes with a 3 year warranty.

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