DODGE Small Block 273-318-340-360 Red SMALL CAP HEI Distributor Ready-to-Run


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SMALL BLOCK DODGE 273-318-340-360 SMALL MALE CAP “Ready-To-Run” HEI
DISTRIBUTOR!! Brand New Small Block DODGE
273-318-340-360 Small Cap HEI Distributor.   This distributor is also known
as a Ready-To-Run distributor.  Distributor cap is RED.  DISTRIBUTOR comes with
a 3-YEAR WARRANTY!!  This distributor requires an external 12 volt coil
for electronic ignition and it is NOT included in this listings.
 Distributor works on Small Block DODGE 273-318-340-360.  If
you want this distributor with spark plug wires and/or a coil, please
check out my other listings.  I have the distributor in Red,
Blue or Black and the coils in Red, Blue, Black or Chrome. (See the 2nd photo
for coil color options)  If you do not see the color combination you want,
just email or call Dan at 201-456-0391 (8AM-10PM EST.)  I also have this same electronic distributor
with a female (point’s style) cap. **PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST
RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR and it is NOT included. Coil needs to
be 12V and have an output of 40,000 volts or more. If you do need a coil,
please see my other listings that do include the coil with the distributor.
This Small Cap HEI Ready-To-Run distributor is made for easy installation. Just
hook up the two wires and you are “Ready to Run”!! This distributor
& coil comes with easy instructions and a 3-Year warranty. Check out my
feedback and buy with confidence. This Distributor

-Small Cap allows for
easy fire wall clearance, especially for Pre-1975 that do may not have the room
for a large size HEI.-OEM appearance (also
available with male cap)-Unit is fully CNC
machined.-Fully self-contained
distributor with built in Module. Only requires 12 volt External coil for
electronic ignition (Typical points coil will not work). No Ballast
Resistor is required.-Easy two wire Hookup
(wires included)-Same as late GM HEI’s
except you run an external coil instead of In-cap coil.-Eliminates the need for
all the extra wiring and ballast resistor.-Major improvement in
starting and performance over points-Built-in GM style
module (not made by GM)-Spark plug gap can run
from around 45-50 instead of 35 if you run points.-Same size as the
original points distributors and is fully electronic.- Much better fuel
mileage- Far less pollution, as
the fuel is burned much better- Faster startups,
especially in cold weather- Those with carburetor’s
prone to flooding will notice a huge difference, as the spark on electronic
ignition is many times stronger than point style ignition.- Virtually no
maintenance, compared to points- Spark plug life is 3-5
times longer, as well as plug wires- Much better
performance, over points, mostly due to the better combustion of unleaded fuel,
as this was the primary reason for the development of electronic ignition.- Point dwell changes as
points wear out, causing your timing to advance dramatically. This brings your
engine much closer to detonation, not to mention hard starting, and poor
– Over all engine life
is much longer with electronic ignition over points.

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