FORD Inline 6 cylinder 1964-1983 170,200,250 HEI Distributor straight six 6 RED


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NEW HI-PERFORMANCE RED FORD INLINE 6 (A.K.A STRAIGHT 6 CYLINDER) HEI DISTRIBUTOR WITH 65,000 VOLT COIL FOR THE FORD 170, 200 & 250!! This listing includes a Brand New FORD Inline 6  65,000 volt HEI Distributor. Distributor cap is RED.  Distributor is complete! PLUG-N-PLAY!! Distributor works on the following Ford inline 6:mid 1965 & Up 170ci  (will not work with 1/4″ hex drive-shaft)1964-1983 200ci1967-1983 250ci ***WILL NOT FIT FORD INLINE 300***FITS ONLY ENGINE SIZES ABOVE***This distributor will work on all the Ford Inline 6 engines that had the 5/16″ hex drive shaft which according to the information from Classic Inlines would actually be mid 1964 & up on the 170ci and all 200ci & 250ci engines.  See below:Distributors: All 144ci engines, and 1960-mid’64 170ci engines, had a 1/4″ hex drive-shaft. The mid’64-UP 170ci engines, as well as all 200/250ci engines had a 5/16″ hex drive-shaft.Note: This is only a rule of thumb, as it may vary depending on the year and model type.High quality brass terminals and a protective
plastic dust cover that encapsulates the 65,000-volt coil. A new cast-aluminum
housing featuring a machine polished finish contains new bushings, mainshaft
assembly, and a hardened steel gear. Our HEI includes high-output module,
centrifugal advance components, and adjustable vacuum advance canister.
Very easy to install. One wire hookup. Comes with instructions. This distributor comes with a 3 year warranty. Check out my feedback and buy with confidence.
FREE BONUS…Included is the HEI pigtails!! One is for Battery to supply power to the distributor and the other is the optional tach hookup. 65,000V High output Ignition coil
High Performance module
Brass Bushings
Adjustable Vacuum advance
Brass Terminals
Chromoly Steel Gear
E-Z 1 wire hook up
For use up to 7000 RPM

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