FORD Small Block 289-302-351W HEI BLACK 8mm Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires USA


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NEW BLACK SMALL BLOCK FORD HEI 221-260-289-302-351W WINDSOR HEI 8mm SPIRAL CORE HIGH PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG WIRES made in the USA!!! This listing is for a NEW set of BLACK 8mm Hi-Performance Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires proudly made in the USA by Packard Wire Co.   These wires will work with a HEI (male cap) distributor.  They will not work on a points (female) cap distributor.   The application listing is below for stock applications, but in general these wires will work on Small Block Fords/Lincolns/Mercury 221-260-289-302 and 351W (Windsor) using an HEI (male tower) distributor.  They have a 135 degree (a.k.a. 45 degree) Spark plug Boots that are very popular to use on Small Block Ford Engines.  Spiral core is
the best of both worlds because it gives you high performance without any interference on your
radio and electronics.  These spiral core wires produce
higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response, and
reduced emissions. These wires are already factory assembled on both ends for the Small Block Ford 221-260-289-302-351W engines using an HEI distributor so you DO NOT need to cut and crimp on the distributor ends.  I also have theses wires in RED and in BLUE!!  This set includes two coil wires.  Both coil wires are set up to go on a male distributor cap and female coil.  If you have a male coil, please contact us and let us know so we can provide you with the appropriate coil wire.MADE IN THE USA!!These Wires are Ultra-Low Ohms!!  At only 270 ohms per foot, there is minimal resistance.The less resistance, the more PERFORMANCE!! These wires are an Industry Leader!!Fits the following stock applications:MakeYearModelEngineFord1979LTD II351WFord1979Thunderbird351WFord1983Crown Victoria5.0L 302Ford1980-1981Granada4.2L 255Ford1979-1982LTD, Crown Victoria5.8L 351WFord1980-1982Fairmont4.2L 255Ford1980-1982LTD, Crown Victoria5.0L 302Ford1980-1982Mustang4.2L 255Ford1980-1982Thunderbird4.2L 255Ford1980-1982Fairmont5.0L 302Ford1980-1982Futura4.2L 255Ford1980-1982Futura5.0L 302Ford1980-1982Granada5.0L 302Ford1981-1982LTD, Crown Victoria4.2L 255Ford1980-1983Thunderbird5.0L 302Ford1982-1983Mustang, w/2BBL Carb5.0L 302Ford1984-1985Crown Victoria, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Ford1984-1985Mustang Manual, 4BBL Carb (wo/EEC-IV)5.0L 302Ford1984-1985Thunderbird, w/Carb (wo/EEC-IV)5.0L 302Ford1983-1991Crown Victoria, wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351WFord Truck1980-1984All 500-900 series6.1L 370, 7.0L 429Ford Truck1979E 100-250 Van302Ford Truck1979F 100-250 Pickup302Ford Truck1979Ranchero302Ford Truck1979Ranchero351WFord Truck1979-1982E 100-350 Van5.8L 351WFord Truck1979-1982E 350 Van Chassis, RV5.8L 351WFord Truck1979-1982F 100-350 Pickup5.8L 351WFord Truck1980-1982Bronco5.0L 302Ford Truck1980-1982Bronco5.8L 351WFord Truck1980-1982E 100-250 Van5.0L 302Ford Truck1980-1982F 100-250 Pickup5.0L 302Ford Truck1981-1982F 100-150 Pickup4.2L 255Ford Truck1983-1985Bronco, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Ford Truck1983-1985E 100-250 Van, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Ford Truck1983-1985F 100-250 Pickup, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Ford Truck1983-1987Bronco 2BBL & 4BBL Carb wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351WFord Truck1983-1987E 150-350 Van 2BBL & 4BBL Carb wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351WFord Truck1983-1987E 350 Van Chassis, RV 2BBL & 4BBL Carb wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351WFord Truck1983-1987F 150-350 Pickup 2BBL & 4BBL Carb wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351WLincoln1980Mark VI5.0L 302Lincoln1980Mark VI5.8L 351WLincoln1981Lincoln5.0L 302Lincoln1983Mark VII5.0L 302Lincoln1979-1980Continental5.0L 302Lincoln1979-1980Versailles5.0L 302Lincoln1981-1983Mark VI5.0L 302Lincoln1982-1984Continental, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Lincoln1982-1984Town Car, wo/EEC-IV5.0L 302Mercury1979Cougar351WMercury1980Monarch4.2L 255Mercury1980Monarch5.0L 302Mercury1980Zephyr4.2L 255Mercury1983Cougar5.0L 302Mercury1983Grand Marquis5.0L 302Mercury1980-1981Cougar5.0L 302Mercury1979-1982Marquis5.8L 351WMercury1980-1982Capri4.2L 255Mercury1980-1982Cougar4.2L 255Mercury1980-1982Marquis5.0L 302Mercury1980-1982Zephyr4.2L 255Mercury1981-1982Marquis4.2L 255Mercury1982-1983Capri, w/2BBL Carb5.0L 302Mercury1984-1985Capri, Manual 4BBL Carb (wo/EEC-IV)5.0L 302Mercury1984-1985Cougar, w/Carb (wo/EEC-IV)5.0L 302Mercury1984-1985Grand Marquis  w/Carb (wo/EEC-IV)5.0L 302Mercury1983-1991Grand Marquis, wo/EEC-IV5.8L 351W

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