FORD Small Block 289 & 302 BLUE HEI Distributor & Universal Spark Plug wires USA


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NEW BLUE CAP SMALL BLOCK FORD 221-260-289-302 HEI DISTRIBUTOR & BLUE 8mm UNIVERSAL “cut to fit” SPIRAL CORE HIGH PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG WIRES made in the USA!!! The distributor comes with a BLUE cap and 65,000 volt coil.    THIS unit is a simple HEI distributor with coil in the cap.  Very easy to install.  One wire hookup.  Comes with instructions and  FREE Pigtails!! One is used for hooking up power and the second one can be used to hook up optional tachometer.  This distributor comes with a 3 year warranty.  Check out my 9400 positive feedback (100%) and buy with confidence.65,000V High output Ignition coil
High Performance module
Brass Bushings
Adjustable Vacuum advance
Brass Terminals
Chromoly Steel Gear
E-Z 1 wire hook up
For use up to 7000 RPM***PLEASE NOTE: If you are doing an EFI (fuel injection) to carb conversion, you need to know if you need the standard 1″ length below the teeth on the gear or if you need the long 1 1/2″ length below the teeth on the gear.  This distributor has the 1″ length below the gear.  I do stock the other distributor with the longer 1 1/2″ length.  Please contact email/message me and I can provide you with the ebay item #. 
This package deal also comes with a set of BLUE 8mm Hi-Performance Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires proudly made in the USA by Packard Wire Co.   Spiral core is
the best of both worlds because it gives you high performance without any interference on your
radio and electronics.  These spiral core wires produce
higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response, and
reduced emissions.   These wires have an 135 degree (AKA 45 degree) Spark plug Boot that is perfect for the Small Block Ford 221-260-289-302  engines.  Then on the distributor end, you cut the wires to the length you want and crimp on the 90 degree distributor ends for the HEI distributor.  This ensures you get that perfect custom length on your wires and allows you to route them the way you want.  Distributor ends and boots are included!!Made in theUSA!These Wires are Ultra-Low Ohms!!  At only 270 ohms per foot, there is minimal resistance.The less resistance, the more PERFORMANCE!! These wires are an Industry Leader!! 

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