HEI Distributor Cap, Coil Cover and Rotor Kit *ORANGE* GM-CHEVY-PONTIAC-OLDSMOBILE-FORD


Part Number: TSP JM6951O


This kit will fit 8 Cylinder GM (Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac) HEI distributors with the clamp-down (a.k.a. J-Hooks) distributor cap.  It will aslo fit Ford and Mopar HEI distributors that have the GM style HEI distributor cap.  The stock years for this cap is 1974 thru the mid 1980’s and will also work on all after market HEI’s with the clamp down cap.  I have been selling these distributor caps for over 10 years at car shows and swap meets and they will fit all brands of distributors that use the GM style cap.  NOTE: It will not fit the distributors that have a screw down distributor cap, which is typically found on late 1980’s and never vehicles.  I have these kits in Red, Black, Blue and Orange.  I also have them available with a 65,000 coil and / or the HEI pigtails.  Distributor cap, coil cover and rotor in this listing are all Orange.

The kit includes everything shown in the picture including:
-Distributor cap with brass terminals
-Coil Cover
-4 screws to hold down coil
-3 screws to hold down coil cover
-misc items (rubber gasket, spring contact, stc)

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