HEI Distributor Wire Harness Pigtail 12v Power & Tachometer Connectors UNIVERSAL


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NEW HEI PIGTAILS FOR GM STYLE HEI DISTRIBUTORS.   BUY 3, get one FREE!!!FREE SHIPPING!!! (USA) New HEI Pigtail for use with the OEM GM (Chevy, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac & Buick) Large Cap HEI distributors as well as aftermarket GM, FORD & Mopar HEI distributors that have the large GM style cap (coil-in-cap).  They are approximately 12″ long and are universal fit.  One is used to hookup of your 12 volt power source to the distributor and the other is used to connect an electric tachometer. The two different color wires are interchangeable.  Buy 3 sets and I will give you a 4th set for FREE.  Just send me an email after you order and let me know you get a set of FREE.  

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