LINCOLN 1956-76 368,430,460,462 BLUE 8mm HI-PERFORMANCE Spark Plug wires-points


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NEW 1958-1978 BLUE LINCOLN 368, 430, 460 & 462 8mm SPIRAL CORE HIGH PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUG WIRES FOR POINTS STYLE DISTRIBUTOR CAP made in the USA!!!  This listing is for a NEW set of BLUE 8mm Hi-Performance Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires proudly made in the USA by Packard Wire Co.   These wires work on both points style and electronic distributors with a female (non-HEI/points style) distributor cap.  They will not work on a HEI (male) cap distributor.   Below is a complete application listing. Spiral core is
the best of both worlds because it gives you high performance without any interference on your
radio and electronics. These spiral core wires produce
higher performance through improved efficiency, quicker throttle response, and
reduced emissions.   These wires are already factory assembled on both ends for the Ford FE & FORD BIG BLOCK engines using an female cap distributor, so you DO NOT need to cut and crimp on the distributor ends.  I also have theses wires in BLACK and in RED!!Please note:  These wires are made in the USA by Packard Wire Company.  The Accel part # used above is only for the Ebay catalog cross referencing of applications.MADE IN THE USA!!These Wires are Ultra-Low Ohms!!  At only 270 ohms per foot, there is minimal resistance.The less resistance, the more PERFORMANCE!! These wires are an Industry Leader!!MakeYearModelEngineBricklin1975-1976SV-1, w/Ford Engine351CDe Tomaso1970-1971MangustaFord 351CDe Tomaso1972-1974PanteraFord 351CDe Tomaso1975-1985PanteraFord 351CFord1958-1960All Models332, 410, 430Ford1958-1966All Models352Ford1964-1968All Models427Ford1966-1970All Models428, CJFord1961-1971All Models390, 406Ford1969-1971All Models, boss 302302 bossFord1968-1973All Models, except boss 429429, CJ, SCJFord1970-1974All Models, cleveland351C, CJ, BossFord1971-1974All Models400CFord1972-1974All Models460Ford1975-1976Elite351MFord1975-1976Elite400Ford1975-1976Elite460Ford1975-1976Ltd400Ford1975-1976Thunderbird460Ford1975-1976Torino351MFord1975-1976Torino400Ford1975-1976Torino460Ford md1964-1978All 500-900 Series  wo/Dura-Spark Ignition330, 361, 391Ford md1973-1978All 500-900 Series  wo/Dura-Spark Ignition359, 389Ford md1972-1979All 750-1100 Series  wo/Dura-Spark Ignition475Ford md1958-1981All 750-1100 Series  wo/Dura-Spark Ignition401, 477, 534Ford trucks1965-1967All Models352Ford trucks1964-1974All Models330, 360, 390Ford trucks1970-1974All Models351CFord trucks1971-1974All Models400CFord trucks1973-1974All Models460Ford trucks1975-1976E 250-350 Van460Ford trucks1975-1976F 100-350 Pickup360Ford trucks1975-1976F 100-350 Pickup390Ford trucks1975-1976F 100-350 Pickup460Ford trucks1975-1976Ranchero351MFord trucks1975-1976Ranchero400Ford trucks1975-1976Ranchero460Lincoln1956-1957All Models368Lincoln1958-1965All Models430Lincoln1966-1968All Models462Lincoln1968-1974All Models460Lincoln1975-1976Continental460Lincoln1975-1976Mark IV460Mercury1958-1960All Models332, 383Mercury1958-1966All Models352Mercury1964-1968All Models427Mercury1966-1970All Models410, 428, CJMercury1961-1971All Models390, 406Mercury1969-1971All Models, Boss 302302 BossMercury1968-1973All Models, Except Boss 429429, CJ, SCJMercury1970-1974All Models, Cleveland351C, CJ, BossMercury1971-1974All Models400CMercury1972-1974All Models460Mercury1975-1976Cougar351MMercury1975-1976Cougar400Mercury1975-1976Cougar460Mercury1975-1976Marquis400Mercury1975-1976Montego351MMercury1975-1976Montego400Mercury1975-1976Montego460  

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