OLDSMOBILE 1961-1974 215-330-350-400-425-455 BLUE Hi-Per Spark Plug Wires-Points


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High Performance BLUE 8mm Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires for 1961-1974 OLDSMOBILE 215, 330, 350, 371, 394, 400, 425 455 with Points Style (female) Distributor Cap!!
These wires will fit the 1961-1974 Oldsmobile 215, 330, 350, 371, 394, 400, 425 455 using a NON-HEI (female tower/points style) distributor. (Complete stock application product below). These wires will work on both points style and electronic distributors (with female/points style cap). With only 270 ohms per foot, these high performance wires are an industry leader!! The less ohms, the less resistance!! MADE IN THE USA!!The grey spark plug boots are high heat Spark Plug Boots that can handle 50 degrees more heat than a standard spark plug boot!!
These wires will NOT work on a vehicle with a HEI (Male) distributor cap. These wires are already factory assembled for these engine sizes so you DO NOT cut and crimp on the distributor ends. (if you are looking for the wires that you cut and crimp on the distributor ends, I do have them. Call Dan at 201-456-0391 or check out my other products). This product is for a set of 8 wires. It does include a coil wire.
Please note: These wires are made in the USA by Packard Wire Company. The Accel part # used above is only for the catalog cross referencing of applications.Manufacturer Part NumberPACKARD 607BCylinders:8Color:BLUESpark Plug Boots:StraightDistributor Cap Boots:StraightDistributor Cap Type:NON- HEI (female Tower/Points)Item Condition:This item is brand new and shipped in a polybag.PACKARD WIRE 8mm Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires have a resistance of only 270 Ohms per foot.Fits the following applications:MakeYearModelEngineAMC1957-1966All Models250, 287, 327Bricklin1973-1974SV-1, w/Mopar Engine360Buick1961-1963All Models215Buick1964-1967All Models300, 340Chevrolet1958-1965All Models348, 409Chevrolet MD1956-1965All 40-80 Series Chassis322, 348, 409Chevrolet Truck1956-1965All Models322, 348, 409Chrysler1978New Yorker318, 360Chrysler1978Newport318, 360Chrysler1971-1972All Models360Chrysler1975-1978Cordoba318, 360Chrysler1977-1978

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