PONTIAC 301-326-350-389-400-455 PRO-BILLET RACE Distributor for use with MSD Box


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Brand New PONTIAC small Cap PRO-BILLET Distributor made by PROCOMP.    The
mechanical weights and springs are setup for optimal performance. Most engines
with medium to serious cams do not benefit from, need, or desire a vacuum
advance. This type of distributor is intended for use with a cdi type box (i.e. MSD BOX) as
well as an external coil.  PROCOMP Pro Billet distributors can be used with any
brand cdi box and has a universal butt connector for easy plug and play.  DISTRIBUTOR is NEW and comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!! This distributor features:•        Maintenance free magnetic pickup•        Sealed ball bearings•        Sintered bushing•        Hardened steel shaft
•        Tuned for optimal performance for Big Block Mopar  EnginesThis distributor requires an 6AL CDI Ignition Box (not included)and external 12 volt coil for electronic ignition (not included).  The Distributor works on PONTIAC.    I have the distributor  and coils in Red, Blue or Black.  I have the Procomp 6AL boxes in red.  If you do not see the color combination you want, just message Dan via eBAy. I also have this same electronic distributor with a female (points style) cap.  It has the classic “Points style” look, but is completely electronic.  The female cap style distributor and wires are both available in Red, Blue or Black. THIS LISTING IS FOR A RED CAP DISTRIBUTOR. **PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR & 6AL box and they are NOT included. Coil needs to be 12V and have an output of 50,000 volts or more. If you do need a coil and/or a 6AL box, please see my other listings.  This distributor comes with instructions and  a 3 year warranty. Check out my feedback and buy with confidence. 

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