PONTIAC RED Small Cap HEI Ready to Run Distributor 301,326,350,389,400,428,455


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NEW PONTIAC Ready To Run Small Cap HEI
Pontiac  V8 engines: 301, 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, and 455’s
**PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR and it is not included. Coil needs to be 12V and have an output of 40,000 volts or more.  If you need a coil, please see my other listings that include the coil with the distributor.  This Ready-To-Run distributor is  made for easy installation.  Just hook up the two wires and you are “Ready to Run”!!  This distributor comes with a 3 year warranty.  Check out my feedback and buy with confidence.  
This Distributor Features:• Maintenance Free Magnetic Pick-up Design• Red Male Type Distributor Cap• State of the Art Ignition Module Under the Chrome Cover• Increased Output easily outperforms Stock Ignition• Smooths out Power band from Idle-High RPM• Perfect Distributor for Street Applications
If you need new Spark Plug Wires for this distributor, please check out our other listings .  If you need assistance locating the correct distributor/wire/coil package on Ebay, please contact us.

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