Small Block CHEVY 327-350-400 BLACK UNIVERSAL Black Spark Plug Wires Points Cap


Part Number: PAC-601K-GOLD-1S

8mm BLACK UNIVERSAL Performance Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires cut to fit SMALL BLOCK CHEVY 287-305-307-327-350-383-400, BIG BLOCK MOPAR (CHRYSLER, DODGE,PLYMOUTH) 383-400-413-426-440 and any other application that can use 90 degree Spark Plug Boots and a points style (female) Distributor cap!

These wires will work on Small Block Chevy & Big Block Mopar Engines with an NON-HEI (points style/female cap) distributor.  These wires will also work on any other vehicles that can use an 90 degree Spark plug Boot and has a NON-HEI (Points style/female cap) distributor.  These wires are long and you cut to the length you want and crimp on the distributor end.   The length of the wires (not including the boots) are 1 @ 32″, 1 @ 34″, 2 @ 36″, 1 @ 44″, 1 @ 50″ & 2 @ 54″.  The set also includes a 25″ coil wire.This set will not work on a male (HEI) cap. This set includes the 8 Spark plug wires, a coil wire (for those who are using an external coil), the NON-HEI distributor ends & boots, and both male and female ends & boots for the coil wire.   With only 270 ohms per foot, these high performance wires are an industry leader!! The less ohms, the less resistance!! MADE IN THE USA!! These wires are BLACK!!  They are also available in RED or BLUE.

Manufacturer Part Number PACKARD 601K
Cylinders: 8
Color: BLACK
Spark Plug Boots: 90 degree
Distributor Cap Boots: 90 degree
Distributor Cap Type: NON-HEI (female Tower)
Item Condition: This item is brand new and shipped in a polybag.

PACKARD WIRE 8mm  Spiral Core Spark Plug Wires have a resistance of only 270 Ohms per foot.

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