small cap FORD 5.0L 302 EFI Fuel Injection to Carb Conversion HEI Distributor


Part Number: 7702-5BL


This distributor is made specifically for applications when converting 5.0L, 302 engines, that were originally equipped from the factory with throttle body / EFI fuel injection,  to using with a carburetor.  This is a great way to get away from the computer controls.

PLEASE NOTE: This distributor has the 1/2″ longer shaft compared to the standard Small Block Ford HEI to allow proper engagement.  The length below the teeth on the gear on this distributor is 1 1/2″ long compared to the standard Small Block Ford which is 1″.  To avoid unnecessary returns, please check your current distributor to confirm you need the longer shaft.

Distributor comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY!!

Whether you are cruising the streets or hitting the track for the weekend, go “Pro” with TSP Ready to Run Distributors. Our Ready to Run distributors have machine polished aluminum housing with an adjustable vacuum adding 10 degrees of advance along with a simple Three-Wire connector and brass bushings. Our Pro Series now features an improved high performance circuit board for use up to 9,000 RPM and screw down cap. The compact design of the cap allows for more clearance around the intake manifold for cars and trucks that do not accept large HEI style cap.

Distributor also comes with extra Advance Bushing and Advance Springs (Please see the Product Details chart below).  Also includes a Vacuum Block Off.  Easy installation with 3 wire hookup and includes wiring diagram.

Product Detail
Gear Material Steel
Top Shaft Support Sealed Ball Bearing
Bottom Shaft Support Sintered Busing
Shaft Diameter 5/8″
Vacuum Advance Adjustable 9 Degrees
Advance Bushing 18 Degrees Black
21 Degrees Gray *
25 Degrees Silver
28 Degrees Gold
Advance Springs 2500 RPM Gold
3750 RPM Silver
5500 RPM Black *
Wiring Power Red Coil Positive
Wiring Ground Black Engine Ground
Wiring Trigger Orange Coil Negative
Wiring Tach Green Digital Tach

*  Installed on distributor

Distributor Features:

  •                 OEM Fitment
  •                 High Performance Upgrade
  •                Three Wire Plug n Play Hookup
  •                Hotter Spark for more power and efficient fuel management
  •                Faster Engine Starts
  •                Allows for a wider spark

**PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST RUN EXTERNAL COIL WITH THIS DISTRIBUTOR and it is NOT included. Coil needs to be 12V and have an output of 40,000 volts or more.  This Small Cap HEI Ready-To-Run distributor is made for easy installation. Just hook up the three wires and you are “Ready-To-Run”!! This distributor comes with a 3 year warranty.


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